Welcome to LawctoModules!

Free law courses with excellent content and structure; ideal for self study (and for students having bad teachers)

We are creating law courses which have excellent content and structure. These courses will allow an intelligent and diligent law student anywhere in India to learn nearly every law subject well through self study.

Help us!

In case you are a faculty member, legal practitioner or a law student anywhere in the world and can spare some minutes; please help us make quality courses with top notch content and structure.

Please send an email to tanuj@lawctopus.com and we'll send you an invite. You can add links or upload files and help us enrich our courses.

In case you are adding a comment, please add that using " and " and italicizing the text.

You can read about the idea in detail here.

Recognition to contributors: yes or no

We'll decide on this soon.

The plan for now is this: 2 (or more) law students + 2 or more law faculty/legal practitioners who take on the course development of a law subject will be recognized as the authors of that course.

In case you wish to be an author please send an email to tanuj@lawctopus.com with your CV, credentials etc.

However, if this model does not work, we'll go to the traditional 'here comes everybody' model.